Redemption Is The New Black White Blue And Red In The AFL. #35

The AFL Protected Zone Podcast

Redemption is the new buzzword in the AFL. Collingwood found it. Western Bulldogs found it. And so did Essendon. Which team will be next? We explore this fascinating new concept in our latest podcast, while reviewing Round 4, which proves we can kick and handball at the same time.


The AFL Grand Final will be played at the MCG until 2057: cue the complaints from interstate teams for the next forty years.

Bigotry seems to be acceptable in Rugby Union. Would it be OK in the AFL? Not a chance. We explore Israel Folau’s comments that ‘gays will go to hell’, and maybe he and Rugby Union should make the trip down there and repent.

Is Carlton coach Brendan Bolton under the pump? We think he should be.

Anzac Day is coming up and we preview the Collingwood and Essendon clash, the Adelaide and Sydney clash, the Q-clash, and follow up with a former Clasher, Joe Strummer, teaming up with Johnny Cash for our song of the week: Redemption Song.

One of the best podcasts about AFL on the internet. Listen in!

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