AFL Round 5: Friday Night Swans and Crows Preview


Sydney v Adelaide

(SCG, 7.50pm AEST, Friday, April 20, 2018)

Adelaide had a ‘Friday The Thirteenth’ type of game last Friday night: it was a calamitous disaster and a total horror show. They were thrashed by a fast-developing Collingwood, but they also acquired a few injuries on the night – Eddie Betts injured his hamstring and Rory Sloane has a foot problem that hasn’t been properly managed, and both will be missing from this Friday night night clash with Sydney.


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It’s difficult for traveling teams to win at the SCG but, having said that, Port Adelaide did upset the Swans in Round 2. Sydney play the SCG very well, and they know exactly where every blade of grass is positioned on the ground, the exact sway of the breeze down to one degree, and the expected decibel rating of the roar of the crowd after they kick each goal. And there might be a few of these on Friday night.

Yes, it’s a true home ground advantage.

We expertly suggested a Sydney–Adelaide Grand Final this year and that is still on the cards. Their last clash in Round 22 last year was a classic game and it was so good, we thought that it might be preview for the 2017 AFL Grand Final. We were wrong, and we could be wrong again in 2018.

Something has happened to Adelaide this year. It’s difficult to say if it’s the psychological effects of their defeat in the 2017 AFL Grand Final, or the effects of their bizarre pre-season ritual of going to the middle of a desert blindfolded, while being forced to endlessly listen to Oh We’re From Tigerland. Taylor Walker said that he liked it, but we’re not sure if he meant ‘liked’, as in a Facebook ‘like’ – which doesn’t mean anything at all – or if he genuinely liked it.

Sydney welcome back Gary Rohan to the team, and he genuinely likes playing against Adelaide, reserving some of his best performances against them. There is, of course, the ‘Franklin factor’, which always comes into effect when Sydney are in trouble. Their great spearhead, Lance Franklin, usually comes to the rescue, and ekes out a goal or two when needed, as he did against Greater Western Sydney two weeks ago, and again against the Western Bulldogs last weekend.

Although the Sydney–Western Bulldogs clash was an excellent game, it seemed that Sydney weren’t playing at their best, and Adelaide will have a good chance if Sydney are a few percentage points off their game. But, we don’t think this will happen. Sydney at home will be too strong, and Adelaide have a few problems they need to sort out before they can compete with the top teams, and if they wish to fulfill our prediction of playing the 2018 AFL Grand Final.

Last time:

  • Round 22, 2017. Sydney 13.5 defeated Adelaide 11.14.


  • Eddy Jay: Sydney, 7 points
  • Lintang Enam: Sydney, 28 points
  • Computer says: Sydney, 15 points
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