The AFL 2018 Season: Who’s In And Who’s Out. #30

The AFL Protected Zone Podcast

The AFL (men’s) season is ready to start up in 2018. But what’s been going on ever since Richmond won the 2017 AFL Grand Final? As you can imagine, Richmond fans are still crowing about their premiership and Adelaide fans are complaining about the Grand Final not being played at Adelaide Oval. Some things never change.

We also look at AFLX – what is the AFL hierarchy trying to achieve? More fans, more debate, more discussion… or more things to complain about?


AFLW – we think it’s a hit, but too many men are complaining because there are not enough goals. Steady on chauvinist sexist pigs! AFLW games are 40 minutes less than the AFL games. It’s a high-pressure, high-tackling game. But we offer some ideas for how it could change.

We look at player and coach movements, who will drop out (West Coast and Richmond) and who will step up (Collingwood and Melbourne). Agree? Disagree? Shout at us on Facebook or Twitter.

And our song of the week: Qui est “in” qui est “out” (Who’s In and Who’s Out) by the French sexpot, Serge Gainsbourg.

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