AFLW 2018: Round 3 Results


The AFLW season is a short one, with only seven matches before the Grand Final. This means that it’s very easy to fall behind the pack after a few early losses. Last year’s premiers, Adelaide, were falling off the pace, having lost their first two games, but pulled off a come-from-behind win again one of this year’s favourites, Western Bulldogs, so they’re now back in the running.


Brisbane ran away with the game in the final quarter against Carlton, the previous ladder leaders; Greater Western Sydney notched up their first win of the year against Collingwood; and an accurate Fremantle upset Melbourne over in the west.

ADELAIDE                        1.1     2.2     4.4     6.5 (41)
WESTERN BULLDOGS     2.1     3.1     5.3     5.4 (34) 

Adelaide: Phillips 4, McCormack 2
Western Bulldogs: Brennan 2,Kearney, Utri, Lochland 

Adelaide: Phillips, Randall, Marinoff, Perkins, S Allan, Metcalfe
Western Bulldogs: Blackburn, Kearney, Utri, Conti, Lochland, Brennan

Adelaide: Nil
Western Bulldogs: Brennan (leg)

Reports: Dayna Cox (Adelaide) for striking Ellie Blackburn in the first quarter

Umpires: Matthew Young, Jamie Broadbent, David Newell 

Official crowd: 4,900at Norwood Oval

CARLTON                  0.0     0.2     1.3     2.6 (18)
BRISBANE                 0.1     1.2     3.2     6.4 (40)            

Carlton: Gay, Vescio
Brisbane: Conway 2, Ashmore, Wuetschner, Gibson, Exon 

Carlton:  Moody, Gay, Harrington, J.Hosking, Loynes, Audley
Brisbane: McCarthy, Wuetschner, Frederick-Traub, Stanton, Exon, Conway 

Carlton:  Gee (concussion), Brazzale (shoulder)
Brisbane: Hildebrand (corked thigh) 

Reports: Nil

Umpires:  Rowe, Dore, McGinness

Official crowd: 6200

COLLINGWOOD                             2.3   2.4   4.5   5.5 (35)
GREATER WESTERN SYDNEY      0.1   2.6   2.6   7.6 (48)

Collingwood: Hope 2, Bonnici, Chiocci, Duffin
GWS: Schmidt 2, Gum 2, McWilliams 2, Barclay

Collingwood: Bonnici, King, Molloy, Duffin, Hope
GWS: Eva, Gum, McWilliams, Farrugia, Staunton

Collingwood: Nil
GWS: Staunton (nose)

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Rawlings, Adair, Burns

Crowd: 3,600 at Olympic Park Oval

FREMANTLE      0.0   2.0   4.0   6.0 (36)
MELBOURNE     1.5   1.5   4.6   4.7 (31) 

Fremantle: McGuire 2, Antonio, Lavell, Webb, Caulfield
Melbourne: Cunningham 2, Newman, Paxman

Fremantle: Donnellan, Gooch, Antonio, Webb, Filocamo, McGuire
Melbourne: Pearce, Paxman, Cunningham, O’Dea, Jakobsson 

Fremantle: Nil
Melbourne: Phillips (ankle) 

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Howorth, Johansen, Heffernan

Official crowd: 3125 at Fremantle Oval


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