AFLW 2018: Round 1 Results

aflw round 1

The second season of AFLW is underway, and the results of the first round are in! A shocker of a match to start of the round, Carlton defeated Collingwood in an absolute scrap; a high-quality game that went down to the wire, where flag favourites Melbourne, defeated Greater Western Sydney in the final minute; the Grand Final replay saw Brisbane avenge their loss to Adelaide in the decider last year; and the Western Bulldogs were too good for Fremantle.


CARLTON              2.1   3.1   3.4   3.4   (22)
COLLINGWOOD    1.0   2.1   2.1   2.2   (14)

Carlton: Shierlaw, Harris, Downie
Collingwood: Garner, Barden

Carlton: Harris, Davey, Hardiman, J.Hosking, S.Hoskin
Collingwood: Molloy, Chiocci, Lambert, McIntosh, Garner

Carlton: Nil
Collingwood: Duffin (strained adductor, replaced in selected side by Schleicher)

Reports: Sarah D’Arcy (Collingwood) reported for kicking Sarah Hosking (Carlton) in the third quarter

Crowd: 19,852 at Ikon Park

MELBOURNE                           1.2   1.3   4.3   7.3 (45)
GREATER WESTERN SYDNEY  2.0   3.0   5.2   6.3 (39)

Melbourne:  Cranston 3, Scott 2, Cunningham, Hore
GWS Giants: McWilliams 3, Barclay 2, Staunton

Melbourne: D.Pearce, O’Dea, Downie, Cranston, Scott, Mithen
GWS Giants: McWilliams, Farrugia, Barclay, Staunton

Melbourne:  Paxman (back)
GWS Giants: TBC

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Gibson, Johansen, Curtis

Official crowd: 5100 at Casey Fields

BRISBANE LIONS    1.2      1.3      3.6      4.7 (31)
ADELAIDE                 0.0      3.1      3.1      3.1 (19)

Brisbane Lions: Wuetschner 2, Conway, Ashmore
Adelaide: Jones, Wallace, Randall

Brisbane Lions: Frederick-Traub, Lutkins, Zielke, Stanton, Ashmore, Wuetschner
Adelaide: Randall, Marinoff, Varnhagen, Foley

Brisbane Lions: Nil
Adelaide: Nil

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Andrew Crosby, Trent McPhee, Cameron Dore

Official crowd: 11,120 at Norwood Oval

WESTERN BULLDOGS     3.2     5.4     5.6     7.7 (49)
FREMANTLE                     0.0     0.0    3.3     3.5 (23)

Western Bulldogs: Brennan 3, Blackburn, Lochland, Toogood, O’Connor
Fremantle: Lavell 2, Sharp

Western Bulldogs: Blackburn, Brennan, Kearney, Lochland, Lamb, Utri
Fremantle: Donnellan, Hooker, Lavell, Miller

Western Bulldogs: Callinan (back), Bannister (knee)
Fremantle: Antonio (head knock)

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Guy, Young, Burns

Official crowd: 8,500 at Whitten Oval

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