AFL Podcast: Life On Mars And The Big Season Continues

afl podcast life on mars

It’s Round 17 and in our latest AFL podcast, we look at how this grand 2017 season is progressing and talk about the big issues in AFL. Big.

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The big games from Round 16

In this AFL podcast episode of The Protected Zone, Eddy Jay and Lintang Enam discuss:

  • The great matches from Round 16, including yet another draw! That’s two in a row for Greater Western Sydney, the first time a team has played two consecutive draws since 1921. Great game, and we avoided another ‘Sirengate‘ in the last seconds of the game. That ground in Launceston needs a new sound system.
  • One week after we confidently claimed Richmond are now a top team and ‘the real deal’, they dish up the type of performances that have been typical of their 1983–2016 era (except for their 1995, 2001, 2013, 2014 and 2015 seasons where they made the finals). It was garbage, not just with a capital ‘G’, but all caps, underlined, and marked with a highlighter pen. What happened?
  • The Subiaco ‘House of Pain’ is a house no longer. The Subiaco fortress has been breached by opposition teams – is West Coast experimenting with reverse psychology, trying to lose games at home, so they can improve their traveling record at the MCG?
  • Depression is affecting AFL players. It’s an unrecognised issue in society, but more players are opening up about mental health issues, for the benefit of all. Is there too much pressure on AFL players and is it best to ignore social media?
  • The AFL expansion dream has gone too far, and they’ve decided to play a game in Round 22 on Mars. But, hang on… phew, it’s not planet Mars, but Mars Stadium in Ballarat, sponsored by Mars Bars, not by alien life.
  • After the G20 disaster, where Donald Trump continued with his American isolationalist policies, we proudly announce that we have new listeners in Saint Petersburg. Before we are accused of siding with Russian enemies, we’re not talking about old Leningrad, but the Saint Petersburg Swans in Florida, USA, the home of international capitalism. Are there any other players like Mason Cox hiding in Tampa Bay?
  • We preview the big games of Round 17 – Greater Western Sydney up against Sydney in the Battle of the Hen and Chicken Bay Bridge. Who will win? It will be a beauty.
  • We finish up with a new team song for St Kilda. They adopted When The Saints Go Marching In in 1964, and won the flag in 1966. A new song for them, which means they’ll win the flag in 2019. You heard it hear first.
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