AFL Podcast: A Crowded House And Carnival Time On The AFL Field

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It’s Round 14, and in our latest AFL podcast, we ask whether there are too many people on the ground. And the answer is: yes, it’s a combination of a circus act and a carnival.

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AFL podcast spy v spyIn this episode of The Protected Zone, Eddy Jay and Lintang Enam discuss:

  • We look at the great matches from Round 13 – West Coast and Geelong, and Richmond and Sydney. Many of our previews were way off the mark. Listen to our Round 13 podcast to see where we went wrong.
  • Sydney defender Nick Smith, said the Swans were six goals down at half time, so they had their post-game review at the half-time break. Revolutionary! They won the game because of this post-game review during the game. Other clubs, take note. It’s the way of the future.
  • Are runners ruining the game? Greater Western Sydney runner, Nick Maxwell, was accused of interfering with players, coaching players, and maybe actually being a player. Should we remove runners for good? Yes/No.
  • The AFL used four umpires as an experiment, but the experiment failed. We say go back to just the one umpire. The ground is really cluttered – 36 players, four umpires, a collection of runners. It’s almost like a carnival and soon, the people on the field will outnumber the people in the crowd.
  • We also review Round 14, which goes back to its usual nine-match format – we had three weeks of being short changed, where we only had six matches in each round. That’s not enough. We preview two Grand Final rematches: Sydney v Essendon (1912), Richmond v Carlton (1973). These matches were a long time ago, but we are certain the influence will be felt. And in a match that has a similar feel to Spy vs. Spy, we feature Magpie vs. Magpie. Yes, Collingwood v Port Adelaide: the real magpies against the fraudulent magpies, but which one is which?
  • Carlton use the ‘Lily of Laguna’ as its team song. Much to our shock and surprise, we discovered that it’s an old racist song from 1898. The lyrics might have changed, but the tune has to as well. We reveal the new Carlton team song from a new order, not the one of the Hitler Youth, but much further north in Manchester. Listen in!
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