AFL Preview: The Unbearable Heaviness of Being AFL

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It’s AFL Round 13, it’s a not-so-super Saturday and we provide the AFL preview. Why is it not so super? Only three matches today, and we feel very short-changed. Some great matches though, and our feature match is Richmond against Sydney.

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AFL Preview Game 3: Richmond v Sydney

afl preview podcastHow many of you realise that this is a rematch of the 1934 Grand Final? How will this fact influence this game? It might be 83 years ago, and Sydney was then known as South Melbourne, but it does still play a part.

For example, Richmond can display the 1934 premiership cup as the players from both teams run onto the MCG to gain a psychological advantage. This tactic might not work however, as Sydney can easily display the 1933 premiership cup – yes, they defeated Richmond in the 1933 Grand Final, and the 1934 Grand Final was a rematch of the 1933 Grand Final. This is confusing, so we’ll quit while we’re ahead (that’s if we ever were ahead).

Of particular note is ex-Sydney ruckman, Toby Nankervis, will be playing for Richmond. He’s a good ruckman. And the player that apparently squeezed the Sydney salary cap so tight that the Swans forced Nankervis out, Kurt Tippett, can’t force his way into the senior team. He’s playing his second game in a row in the Sydney NEAFL reserves team.

Richmond are a different team in 2017, and so are Sydney. It’s fourth against fourteenth, but their respective ladder positions defy recent form. Sydney has turned around a horror 0–6 start to the season and are on the verge of something big. Richmond are also on the verge of something big, chasing their first AFL flag since 1980 – 37 years ago. That’s a long time to wait for success.

Dustin Martin is a hungry beast, and if he plays well today, Richmond will win. It’s not a case of “beat Martin, beat Richmond”, but it’s getting close. He’ll be up against the Sydney version of Josh Kennedy. And then there’s the battle between Sydney’s Lance Franklin and Richmond’s Alex Rance.

While it will be an excellent match, it’s a difficult game to predict. At the beginning of Round 13, we decided the best approach is to nominate the team that we think should win, and then choose the other team to win. We made the fatal mistake of choosing North Melbourne last night, based on their ladder positions. St Kilda were out of form, had lost their last three AFL games, and had lost their last seven games against North Melbourne. So, logic suggests that North Melbourne should have won the game. But in this very strange season, that is the exact recipe for choosing the obvious loser, St Kilda, as the winner. And we failed to follow our own advice. The team that should have been the obvious loser, St Kilda, won the game.

This presents an unbearable heaviness of being and influences our normal senses of logic. We think Richmond should win this game so, illogically, that means Sydney will win the game. But if we choose Sydney to win the game, that means we should select Richmond. Confused? So are we. It will be a close game. That’s all we can say.  #AFLTigersSwans


  • Eddy Jay – RIchmond, 2 points.
  • Lintang Enam – Sydney, 17 points.

Other AFL games this weekend

Port Adelaide v Brisbane prediction (#AFLPortLions):

  • Eddy Jay – Port Adelaide, 44 points.
  • Lintang Enam – Port Adelaide, 31 points.

Gold Coast v Carlton prediction (#AFLSunsBlues):

  • Eddy Jay – Gold Coast, 28 points.
  • Lintang Enam – Gold Coast, 19 points.

Western Bulldogs v Melbourne prediction (#AFLDogsDemons):

  • Eddy Jay – Western Bulldogs, 12 points.
  • Lintang Enam – Western Bulldogs, 36 points.
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