AFL Podcast: Kafka And Howe The AFL Is Lucky For Some

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It’s Round 13, and in our latest AFL podcast, we inspect what just happened in this very exciting week of AFL. And what happened, you might ask? Everything!

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It would be hard to find a more exciting season. Very even. In fact, the most even since 1994. And, in keeping with this even season, our latest AFL podcast is supra-even. And very balanced and incredibly fair-minded. Eddy Jay and Lintang Enam discuss:

  • A big week in UK politics, with an upset result. It was an upset, resulting in a hung parliament. Or in football terms, it was a draw with no winner. How do political events influence players? And does a full moon make any difference?
  • We discuss Jeremy Howe‘s mark of the millenium. It was the greatest mark in any sport, even snooker. It was very good, but why do we get so excited about high marks? It’s all in the geometry.
  • In keeping with the UK election, Carlton upset Greater Western Sydney. An upset, but why do upsets happen? Why did Essendon thrrrrrrash Port Adelaide?
  • A $20,000 fine for Hawthorn coach Alistair Clarkson for saying the umpiring was disgraceful. Or is this what he said? The AFL thought-police need to put their batons away and start thinking clearly.
  • We also review Round 13, which is lucky for some. And there are so many Grand Final rematches! West Coast v Geelong (1994), Richmond v Sydney (1934), Western Bulldogs v Melbourne (1954). These matches were a long time ago, but we are certain the influence will be felt.
  • The Adelaide Crows use as outdated US military song. This needs to change. We reveal the new Adelaide team song from a very motley crow. Head-banging all round.
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