AFL Podcast! Republican Games And Origin Of The AFL Species

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It’s Round 12, and in our latest AFL podcast, we show our surprise in the fact that half of this exciting 2017 AFL season is almost over. We’re in two minds about this. This is a season that we just wish would continue forever: tight matches, unpredictable results, yesterday’s winners are today’s losers. And the other way around.

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But, time waits for no-one, and the second part of our mind is intrigued about who is going to win this year’s premiership. It’s a open race, and we’re suggested that every team is still in the race. Except for Brisbane. And Hawthorn. And Sydney. Alright, maybe a few more are out of the race too, but this is all building up to an exciting finale.

And, in keeping with this exciting finale, our latest AFL podcast is supra-exciting. Eddy Jay and Lintang Enam discuss:

  • It’s in the nature. We look at the relationship between possible explosions on Mount Merapi and the 2017 AFL season. It’s explosive.
  • Round 11 in review: Port Adelaide and the thrashing of Hawthorn, Geelong‘s shellacking of Adelaide – it was a poor game, but it could still be a preview of the 2017 AFL Grand Final. The 300-club, and its most recent addition: arise Comrade Brendon Goddard.
  • Where can the AFL look to for recruitment options? Golf, chess, snooker, badminton, soccer, darts? Yes, all of the above, including beach volleyball.
  • Haircuts: Jamie Elliott had a fantastic haircut for all to see. How much influence does a hairstyle have on a player’s performance? Can they avoid injury with a special type of tonsure? Of course.
  • State of Origin revival. No, we don’t think so. It’s an old concept that died in 1999. But if the AFL is serious about this idea, they should look at Country of Origin. AFL players of Italian origin, playing against AFL players of Greek origin. There’s a lot of them. Extend the concept to Russia v Ukraine. Croatia v Serbia. Israel v Palestine. In the name of world peace.
  • Time for a republic. Why celebrate the Queens’s Birthday with a Melbourne and Collingwood match when it’s not even her birthday, for goodness sake. Bring on the Republican Round.
  • Round 12 preview: Several grand final rematches to discuss. Adelaide v St Kilda (1997), Melbourne v Collingwood (1964), Sydney v Western (2016). We specialise in battles of the cellar-dwellers, this week, it’s Hawthorn v Gold Coast. It’s a thriller.
  • We reveal the new revolutionary North Melbourne team song for the comrades to enjoy.
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