Round 7 AFL Super Saturday Forecasts!

Wow! Five AFL games on Saturday means that it’s nothing else except for a ‘Super Saturday’.

Game 1: North Melbourne v Adelaide

North won their first game of the season last weekend, while Adelaide haven’t lost a game yet and are shaping up as the team to beat this year. This could be a trap for Adelaide – in 2016, they lost a few games at the wrong time of the season, which proved to be very costly. It’s a venue that Adelaide have never played at – Hobart. Will they find their way to the ground from the airport, and then back again? Will they adapt to Hobart’s tricky weather that swallowed up the West Coast Eagles in 2015? This is a rematch of the 1998 AFL Grand Final. An upset is on the cards.


  • Eddy Jay – North Melbourne, 9 points.
  • Lintang Enam – North Melbourne, 18 points.

Game 2: Collingwood v Carlton

Winners are grinners and both teams won in Round 6. These traditional rivals are set for a big match, and it’s being played at the traditional venue (the MCG), and at the traditional time – Saturday at 2.10pm. It’s hard to separate these two teams: they contain good and bad in equal proportions. This is a rematch of the 1979 AFL Grand Final. There is one drawn match for every 100 AFL games and we are due for one. It’s happening. This match will end in a draw.


  • Eddy Jay – Draw.
  • Lintang Enam – Draw.

Game 3: Port Adelaide v West Coast

Port Adelaide’s great season continues and they’ll be hard to beat in Adelaide. West Coast have a wimpy feel to them away from Perth and their poor form everywhere except for Subiaco Oval will continue. It’s odd, because every AFL ground has four posts at either end, and roughly the same size (*except for the SCG, which is almost a circle and as tiny as a little league ground). No upset here.


  • Eddy Jay – Port Adelaide, 44 points.
  • Lintang Enam – Port Adelaide, 28 points.

Game 4: Gold Coast v Geelong

Both teams lost last week, which means at least one team will avoid losing two consecutive games. Geelong are good, but how good? Thinking back to 1999, they won their first five games, but then lost the next nine. In 2017, they’ve won their first five games, followed by a loss. Are there more to come and will history repeat? Not this time, it won’t be like it’s 1999 all over again. Back to winners list for Geelong.


  • Eddy Jay – Geelong, 39 points.
  • Lintang Enam – Geelong, 33 points.

Game 5: Western Bulldogs v Richmond

Are Richmond the real deal? No. They won their first five games of the year but, in hindsight, they didn’t beat very much and were swept away like toothless tigers and kittens against the Adelaide Super Football team. Western Bulldogs, if they can kick accurately (gosh, they kicked 9.19 last weekend, an accuracy rate of 32.14%), will claim this match. Dogs against kittens and it’s not going to end well for Richmond.


  • Eddy Jay – Western Bulldogs, 50 points.
  • Lintang Enam – Western Bulldogs, 29 points.
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